Are you a skilled Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) seeking expert advice on navigating challenges with the PointClickCare (PCC) CNA software? This guide is designed to arm you with the top five troubleshooting strategies to optimize your use of the PCC CNA platform. These strategies are straightforward yet powerful, enabling you to diagnose and rectify common problems swiftly. Continue reading to master the art of troubleshooting PCC CNA software with efficiency and skill.

  1. Verify Your Internet Connectivity A seamless internet connection is paramount for the effective functioning of the PointClickCare CNA system. If you’re encountering difficulties with the application, commence your troubleshooting by examining your internet connection. Confirm that you are linked to a reliable Wi-Fi network and that your connection is consistent and strong. For mobile device users, ensure your signal strength is adequate. Should you discover the connection is faltering, consider switching to an alternative Wi-Fi network or relocating to a spot with better connectivity.
  2. Ensure Software is Up-to-date The vitality of maintaining your PointClickCare CNA software in its latest version cannot be overstated. Doing so helps avert potential glitches and leverages improvements. To check for software updates, initiate the application and navigate to the ‘Help’ tab. Here, you’ll find the ‘Check for Updates’ option within a newly displayed window. Select this to initiate any available updates. Conclude this process by rebooting your device to activate the updates fully.
  3. Reboot Your Computer Prior to delving into more complex troubleshooting steps, restarting your computer can be remarkably effective. This action aids in purging temporary files and halting background processes that might be hindering the PointClickCare CNA’s operations. To reboot, either press and hold the power button for a few moments or utilize the ‘Restart’ option from the Start menu. This simple step often resolves unforeseen technical issues with the application.
  4. Clear Browser Cache When facing persistent issues with PointClickCare CNA, it’s crucial to clear your browser’s cache. This step is essential as it removes temporary files and data that may be causing conflicts with the application’s performance. To clear your cache, open your browser, proceed to the history or settings menu, and select ‘Clear Browsing Data’ option, making sure to remove items like browsing history and cookies.
  5. Reach Out to Customer Support If the strategies mentioned above do not rectify your issue with PointClickCare CNA, it may be time to consult customer support. Their seasoned team is equipped to diagnose the underlying cause of your dilemma and offer precise solutions. Beyond troubleshooting, they can provide insights into best practices for system utilization and answer any queries you might have. Engaging customer support ensures you receive the utmost benefit from your PointClickCare CNA experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Login Troubles: If login issues arise, verify your credentials for accuracy. Utilize the ‘Forgot Password’ or ‘Reset Password’ functions for account recovery.
  • Account Locked Message: This usually occurs after several unsuccessful login attempts. Allow some time for automatic unlocking or seek help from your system administrator.
  • Updating Login Information: To update your email or other details, access your account’s profile settings.
  • Session Expiry: This message appears after prolonged inactivity. Re-login to renew your session, adjusting session timeout settings if necessary.
  • Compromised Account: Should you suspect unauthorized access, promptly change your password and alert your system administrator.
  • Browser Requirements: For optimal access, use a supported web browser as detailed in the official documentation or consult your IT department.
  • Mobile Access: While mobile access is possible, the optimal experience is through the official mobile app.


Navigating the complexities of PointClickCare CNA can be challenging, but with the right approach and knowledge, resolving issues becomes straightforward. By ensuring your internet connection is robust, keeping your software up-to-date, rebooting your device, clearing your cache, and seeking customer support when needed, you can enhance your PointClickCare CNA usage. These tips equip you to address problems efficiently, ensuring a smooth and effective software experience.